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Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to Access Open WebCams Online

Sunday, October 10, 2010
Learn how to access video cameras around the world via the internet.


  1. Open a new internet browser (Internet Explorer) and type www.google.com into the URL address bar. This will take you to the Google home page.

  2. When the home page has loaded, enter "inurl:/view.index.shtml" into the Google search engine. Click search and wait for the results to appear.

  3. When the results have appeared, there will be a list of links displayed. Most of them will look like IP addresses, each one of those IP's are different video cameras that have been left open. There will literally be thousands of them to choose from so have fun clicking through them. If you would like to keep some of the locations you find for later viewing, bookmark them in your internet browser. When you come back later you can easily look them up in your favorites tab.

  4. If you take your time to look around and visit the camera links, you might stumble upon some very rare ones that might show someone who forgot to turn their camera off in their room. Those are always funny, because they don't know they are being watched. If you happen to have read my article on "Recording Your Computer Monitor's Screen" you can capture all the footage you find online simple and easy.


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